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Two MLS Tools - One Great Price
    Selected Listings Features Include:
  • Display YOUR listings only (
  • Listings pulled from IDX MLS data updated every morning.
  • Tabbed listing categories (residential, commercial, land, multi-family)
  • Sort feature allows users to organize listings by price, town (alphabetically), and number of bedrooms.
  • Add descriptions for each listing - up to 100 words (via control panel)
  • Add customized text when search results deliver "no listings".
  • Choose from 5 different color themes (via contol panel).

    Standard Features Include:
  • Can serve as a stand-alone web site (
  • Includes your company and/or agent name and contact information on every page.
  • IDX MLS data is automatically updated every morning.
  • Complete MLS search capability.
  • "Save this listing" feature allows a potential buyer to save unlimited listings and e-mail them to you via a contact form.
  • Individual account holder control panel to update contact information, password and new "My Listings" features (see below).
  • Custom branding options also available.
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